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When would you talk to a car salesperson? Probably only once you’re ready to buy a new car. You would do some initial research (perhaps on the internet), get an idea of what you want, and then go to the dealership to meet a salesperson, test drive the car and make the purchase.


Although that approach may work when you’re buying a car, it’s not the best approach when it comes to real estate.


You see, successfully buying or selling a home requires a lot of planning and legwork. You want the process to go smoothly, the right decisions to be made, and the best possible deal to be negotiated.  


After all, this is the purchase and/or sale of your home!


So, the best time to talk to a REALTOR® is as early in the process as possible.


In fact, even if you’re just thinking of buying or selling — and simply want to explore the possibility of making a move sometime this year — you should have a conversation with a good REALTOR®.


A REALTOR® will answer your questions, provide you with the information and insights you need, help you avoid costly mistakes, and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.


When you are ready to buy or sell, having worked with a REALTOR® early in the process will help ensure you get what you want.


So talk to a good REALTOR® when:


  • You have a question about the local market.
  • You want to know what your home might sell for today.
  • You’re interested in checking out homes currently available on the market.
  • You’re in the midst of deciding whether or not to make a move.
  • You’ve decided to buy or sell.


Getting a good REALTOR® on your side early in the game makes everything a lot easier for you.


Looking for a good REALTOR®? Call me today. 1.604.250.4996

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Please support this worthy cause, by donating blankets and warm clothing to the 21st Annual Realtors Care Blanket Drive.
With the recent wet and cold weather there is a desperate need for the following items:

Gently used or new blankets or sleeping bags
Gently used or new winter jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves
New socks and underwear

From Nov 16- 23rd, you can drop off your donations at any of the real estate offices . If you are unable to deliver to these locations and live on the North Shore, simply give me a quick call and I will be happy to personally arrange to pick them up.

North Shore Donations collected will go directly to the Harvest Project and Lookout Society, as well as Covenant House in Vancouver. The Vancouver Police Department are also distributing these items to the homeless on the Downtown Eastside.

Thank you again for all your support.

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